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Old News

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04-17-19 Undergraduate student Michelle Suhendra awarded BMB Summer UG Research Fellowship.
10-12-18 Graduate student Tori Bonnell receives Best Poster award at MPM XXIX. See BMB News
03-23-18 Undergraduate student Kate Payson receives 2018 Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh College Chemistry Award.
02-27-18 Undergraduate student Michelle Suhendra awarded RISE Germany summer research internship.
12-11-17 Graduate student Tori Bonnell joins the lab.
12-01-17 Lab Manager Lindsey Orchard wins Eberly College Staff Excellence Award. See BMB News
11-14-17 Graduate student Justin Munro joins the lab.
09-27-17 Graduate student Suprita Singh receives Best Poster award at MPM XXVIII.
09-27-17 Postdoctoral fellow Heather Painter receives Best Teaser Talk award at MPM XXVIII.
06-14-17 PfAP2-I, a potential new target for anti-malarial drugs identified. PSU News
06-01-17 Postdoctoral fellow Gaby Josling receives talk award at the 2017 BioMalPar Meeting.
03-06-17 $4.7 million Gates malaria funding highlighted in Penn State News
12-09-16 Graduate student Timothy (TJ) Russell joins the lab.
11-07-16 Kate Payson receives UG Research Funding.
02-01-16 Postdoctoral fellow Erik Allman receives NIAID F32 Postdoctoral Fellowship.
01-01-16 Postdoctoral fellow Gabrielle Josling receives American Heart Association Fellowship.
11-03-15 Jarrett Venezia receives UG Research Funding.
10-12-15 Postdoctoral fellow Gabrielle Josling receives poster award at MPM XXVI.
04-07-15 Kayla Paulosky receives UG Summer Discovery Grant.
01-01-15 Postdoctoral researcher Erin Butterfield joins the lab.
09-01-14 Postdoctoral fellow Gabrielle Josling receives Australia to USA Fellowship.
09-01-14 Postdoctoral researcher Gabrielle Josling joins the lab.
04-01-14 Postdoctoral fellow Heather Painter receives K22 Research Scholar Development Award from NIH.
03-31-14 Josh Rice receives Undergraduate Summer Discovery Grant.
02-20-14 Discovery of key gametocyte regulator highlighted in the Penn State News.
02-18-14 Graduate student Suprita Singh joins the lab.
01-22-14 Llinas lab featured in the Huck Institutes News.
11-04-13 Postdoctoral researcher Erik Allman joins the lab.
10-01-13 Postdoctoral fellow Joana Santos receives poster award at the 2013 Molecular Parasitology Meeting.
07-01-13 Llinas lab moves to Penn State University!
10-23-12 Postdoctoral fellow Björn Kafsack receives talk award at the 2012 Molecular Parasitology Meeting.
09-17-12 Postdoctoral researcher Valerie Crowley joins the lab.
04-20-12 Undergraduate student Shivani Sud awarded Dale Fellowship.
11-01-12 Llinás receives Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration grant.
10-28-11 Joana Santos awarded Pfizer Prize for Infectious Disease.
2011 Welcome Aedan, Anders, and Logan – our THREE new lab babies!
06-06-11 Postdoctoral researcher Simon Cobbold joins the lab.
06-06-11 Joana Santos awarded EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship.
05-23-11 Graduate student April Williams joins the lab.
05-18-11 Björn Kafsack receives poster award at BioMalPar.
04-18-11 Postdoctoral researcher Joana Santos joins the lab.
02-16-11 Kellen receives Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award.
11-12-10 Congratulations to Kellen Olszewski as the first Llinas lab Ph.D. graduate.
10-09-10 Jessica O’Hara receives graduate student teaching award.
08-05-10 Branched TCA metabolism manuscript published in Nature. Click HERE for an overview of this paper.
05-31-10 Neal Yuan receives Molecular Biology award for his outstanding senior thesis.
04-09-10 Erandi De Silva awarded Honorific Fellowship for excellence in research.
04-05-10 Postdoctoral researcher Ian Lewis joins the lab.
11-24-09 Björn Kafsack awarded Damon Runyon Cancer Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship.
11-24-09 Mark Wacker receives 2009 ASTMH Young Investigator Award.
11-03-09 Graduate student Louis Sarry receives poster award at the 2009 Molecular Parasitology Meeting.
08-01-09 Postdoctoral researcher Björn Kafsack joins the lab.
04-06-09 Postdoctoral researcher Heather Painter joins the lab.
04-02-09 Amadeo Llinás joins the lab.
02-19-09 Llinás lab publishes first paper on Plasmodium metabolomics in Cell, Host & Microbe.
10-16-08 Kellen Olszewski receives talk award at the 2008 Molecular Parasitology Meeting.
06-28-08 Lakshmanan Viswanathan receives best poster award at the 2008 Host-Parasite Interactions Gordon Conference.
05-19-08 Graduate students Jessica O’Hara and Louis Sarry join the lab.
04-12-08 Tracey Campbell receives Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship.
04-08-08 Alex O’Choa receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.
10-08-07 Llinás featured in Princeton Weekly Bulletin.
10-03-07 Erandi De Silva receives talk award at the 2007 Molecular Parasitology Meeting.
09-19-07 Llinás Selected for NIH Director’s Innovator Award.
05-14-07 Graduate students Erandi De Silva, Alejandro O’Choa and Irene Ying join the lab.
05-10-07 Llinás selected for Burroughs Wellcome Fund Investigators in Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease grant.
03-26-07 Kellen Olszewski receives an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.
03-12-07 Testing the boundaries of teaching science.
02-15-07 Silvio Szpara Llinás joins the lab.
11-16-06 Llinás selected for the 2006 Merck Irving S. Sigal Memorial Award from the American Society of Microbiology.
10-01-06 Kellen Olszewski wins best oral presentation award at 2006 Molecular Biology Departmental retreat.
09-14-06 Kellen Olszewski receives student talk award at the 2006 Molecular Parasitology Meeting.
05-26-06 Graduate student Kellen Olszewski joins the lab.
03-28-06 Llinás selected for Beckman Young Investigator Award.